Lessons From The Make Up Lady

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Last month, I received an email that my blog site had automatically updated. That’s nice and all, except I was totally unprepared financially for this to happen, because apparently over the past year I forgot it was set up on auto renewal.

Thank you, 2020.

Anyway, it had me thinking, “Ok Jesus…I can’t just NOT do anything with this blog now. I just “paid” for another entire 12 months. That would be totally wasteful for me to just leave it alone, never to write anything again.”

Which led my mind down a rabbit hole of what the make up lady said to me over a year ago…

“The things easiest to do are also easy NOT to do.”

Thank you ma’am, for your pearls of divine wisdom.

I will be honest and tell you that when she said that to me, I got a little perturbed.

I found myself thinking,”Really, lady? You have no idea who I am or what I do on a daily basis. My apologies to you for my body cream taking up extra space in your house for an extra two weeks after the order arrived.”

And then the Lord got ahold of me.

He showed me that her words had truth to them, especially for me.

I tend to put things off until the last possible minute. I especially despise making phone calls. Who honestly has the time to sit on hold for 45 minutes, only to be disconnected because you accidentally hit the wrong button?!

But seriously…how difficult is it to drive over to her house and pick up my single item? I was on her side of town three times, and still failed to go by there until it became a bother.

Is this how I have begun to feel about my writing? Is this how I have begun to feel about my project I have been less than enthusiastic about working on? 

What blessings are waiting for me on the other side of my simple act of daily obedience?

I have plenty to write about, believe me! But somewhere along the way, I have allowed the fear of what other people might say slowly creep in. I have allowed harsh words that were spoken over me in a very vulnerable moment, to resonate and take root.

And here I am, months later, with a brand new year of content to come up with.

Ok, Jesus.

I have a story and I guess it’s time to get it out. Whether it reaches one or one thousand is not up to me. I just want to be willing and obey.

So, to the make up lady once again….Thank you ma’am, for your divinely timed words.

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