The Storms of Life Are Gonna Come…Trust Me…

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While walking  with my daughter earlier yesterday afternoon, I noticed it is absolutely beautiful outside. No storms in sight!

The sky is blue, full of wispy white clouds, with a light, cool breeze gently blowing. 

And yet, for Sunday, they’re saying it’s going to be another day full of darkness, storms, and possible tornadoes again.

It amazes me how fast our situations and circumstances can change.

Literally,  in the blink of an eye at times.

It makes me wonder, are we ever truly prepared for the storms that come our way?

I know I never saw that uneventful day back in January 2016 coming, when my husband was in an accident at work and suffered a life altering permanent injury to his brain.

Are we ready?

I mean, let’s be real for a minute…we can prepare all we want.

But are we ever REALLY ready?

Take the recent events with COVID-19….Toilet paper and paper towels gone. (Still trying to figure that one out!) Cleaning supplies gone. Grocery shelves and freezers totally empty. Roads are barely traveled. Stores are shut down…so much hoarding and stockpiling.

But yet, could any of us ever imagined a time like this in our lives?!

A few years ago, I realized something one day in my prayer time. Yes, my husband’s accident totally caught me off guard .

But not God.

Nothing takes Him by surprise! He sees everything from the beginning to end. (See Isaiah 46:10 NLT).

He knew it was coming. Which means that since He knew it was coming, then I am fully prepared to handle whatever this brings.

And, when I come across something that I don’t know how to handle, well that is when I run to my Heavenly Father and ask Him for guidance.

There is no need for me to panic!

So I relax, rest in His presence, and know that He has everything already worked out for my good! 

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