Didn’t See That One Coming!

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I am just going to jump out on a limb here and mention that I’m pretty sure we can all say right now, “Didn’t see that coming!”

(Yes, I am partly talking about COVID-19.)

More importantly, I am talking about some blessings that came to us last month.

Didn’t see those coming!

I keep a prayer journal and LOVE to write my prayers down.

I am especially glad that I did last month, because I am able to go back and look at a few specific prayers, as well as the day that I wrote them after seeing them answered!

Talk about building faith in uncertain times!

On March 8th, I wrote a blog post titled, This Is The Part Where I Throw My Hands Up.”

(Now let’s fast forward to March 17th.)

That’s the morning I wrote in my prayer journal for the Lord to either 1) send help or 2) provide supernatural debt cancellation.

Oh, yes, I did. #BOLDNESS.

*Let me pause right here and say that I don’t have heath insurance and we live on a fixed income. I take care of my husband who is permanently disabled with a brain injury. The Lord has been so gracious to me and I have stayed extremely healthy until the past six months. I allowed stress to become dominant in my life and it began to manifest physically in my body. I ended up going to the ER, and began applying for financial assistance/payment plan as soon as I could.*

SO, here we are trying to manage normal monthly bills along with hospital bills and the like.

Which brings me back to my journal entry on March 17th…

I always start off with praising and thanking the Lord for waking me up and giving me another day! The morning of March 17th, is when I asked the Lord to send help.

I am telling Him that I want to do my part (whatever that might be), but I still need the help of my Heavenly Father who has riches stored in secret places!

Nonetheless, I end my prayer with  more praise and thanksgiving.

The next day…as in March 18th…I received a card in the mail from a precious family that we have not seen in over ten years.

In the card is a check!

Do y’all know what EXTRA does for our family?!

Groceries! Gas! Clothes for my steadily growing teenagers! Medicine! Take out the tithe and save the rest for emergencies!

When praises go up, blessings come down!


I discover letters in the mail from the medical facility I had visited a few months earlier for one of my more serious health issues. The letters stated that me AND my husband had been approved for financial assistance and my (already reduced) account balance  had been TAKEN CARE OF.

IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH...The date on the letter is March 17th…The same day I had cried out to the Lord in my prayer journal for help and/or supernatural debt cancellation.


Remember the check from that sweet family we haven’t  seen in over ten years? That check date was March 8th.

This is the same day I had written my blog post titled, “This Is The Part Where I Throw My Hands Up”.

Guess what that post is about?

That was the day I had received news from the hospital that I didn’t qualify for assistance for a surgery I need to fix my current health issue.

WON’T HE DO IT?! SOmebody testify!

I have said it before and I will say it again…

First, I don’t know what you’re believing God for.

Nor do I know what prayers you pray faithfully day after day, night after night.

I can’t see the tears you cry, or the sleepless nights you endure.

But more importantly, HE does.

Friend, don’t quit. Don’t stop now. Keep praying! Keep believing, keep pressing in, keep giving praise!

Above all, stand firm in your faith as well as the many promises of God!

“Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” Luke 1:45 NKJV 



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