This Is The Part Where I Throw My Hands Up

hands up, surrender, trust

A few days ago, I received the news that I did not get approved for a much needed surgery.

Talk about an unexpected let down.

Since my husband is disabled, we have no outside income, and I have no insurance, I was absolutely certain that the hospital would have some kind of solution.

Well, apparently they do.

To say I am deeply saddened and upset is putting it lightly. Naturally, I call my parents to let them know, and while on the phone with my dad I begin crying. I’m trying to stop the tears but they just keep coming.

Life has not been easy since this accident took almost everything from us. It’s hard, frustrating, and even humbling at times, to go through all of the effort and paperwork for assistance, answer all of the questions, only to be denied or be told that you get $35 a month to feed a family of four.

How does this even make sense?!

This is the part where I just throw my hands up and say, I trust you, Lord!”

I don’t understand, but apparently YOU have a different plan than what I am thinking and trying to figure out on my own.

Maybe you’re going to heal me completely.

Or, maybe you’re going to prick someone’s heart and then provision will be here.

Maybe you will speak to the right person at the right time that can do something about it, or even move me in a different direction completely.

Whatever the outcome, I know with absolute certainty that my Heavenly Father is getting 100 percent of the glory.

No doubt.

This is one of those times where the situation is beyond my control. I have exhausted all resources.

There is nothing left for me to do except trust and obey.

 YOU, Lord, are the only One that can move in this situation I am so desperately praying about.

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