This Season is Taking Forever!

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I’m so thankful for seasons that CHANGE.

In my Study Bible, there’s a note regarding Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 and it says,” We must respond appropriately to the seasons of life as they come.”

Wow…let that sink in…

How are you responding to the current season of life you’re in? Are you entering a new season of worry and uncertainty? Or perhaps one of excitement and growth?

Are you praising and thanking the Lord? Or are you whining, griping and complaining?
Are you being still in His promise or disobedient to His direction and leading?

How we RESPOND has so much to do with HOW LONG OUR SEASON CAN LAST!

God may have intended for your season to be over a long time ago, but you’re still mad about that one thing, and are telling everyone who will listen, wanting validation and justification.


Humble yourself before the Lord, and ask Him to show you, give you strength, whatever you need!

The 1828 Noah Webster dictionary has the word “season” defined as this…”a fit or suitable time/the convenient time/the usual appointed time/a time of continuance BUT NOT LONG”.

I love that! The things I go through will not last forever!

Remember this–It took the Israelites 40 YEARS to make an ELEVEN DAY JOURNEY!! (Deuteronomy 1:2) They prolonged their promise by whining, griping, complaining, and choosing THEIR ways instead of obedience to God.

I know I am guilty of doing this same thing! BUT, when the Holy Spirit reveals an area of disobedience, I must be quick to listen and obey. Faith without works is dead!

I’m thankful for seasons. Yes, even the one I’m facing right now with my health. There’s a reason and a purpose.  God is faithful, trustworthy, and I know that He will see me through!

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