Can We Just Worship A Little Longer?

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This past Sunday, the kids and I set out for a road trip. Our friends and their church were scheduled to have an A-MAZING guest speaker, and I most definitely needed to be there! Now, this is only our second visit to this sweet church, and I already love these people. Needless to say, they are genuine, funny, outgoing, and you best believe they LOVE to worship.

I have never seen a church so eager to just stand in the presence of God and absorb His lovingkindness.

No fancy lights, no fog machines, no patterns flashing all over the walls…just them, their instruments, voices, and Jesus.

So, as the first song starts, I just smile. I love to hear this team play and sing together.

A few songs into worship service, they start a song I have never heard before. Now, I am sure it’s probably not new, but still. Does that even matter at this point?!

“I’m not afraid of the darkness anymore…I’m holding fast to the grace that never ends…And every step I take You’re leading me on, when I hear Your name I can’t help but fall on my knees…Hallelujah, no one can contain You No eye can behold You Hallelujah, Your love has come rushing My heart overflows…”

Have you ever experienced a song speak so deep to your soul, it literally feels like that if you breathe, you might miss hearing the words or the meaning behind them?

The tears begin to well up in my eyes and slowly roll down my cheek.

I stare at the words on the screen and let them sink into my tired brain.

 Like  I said, I have never heard this song before, but it was ministering to me.

I could feel waves of peace washing over me. All I wanted to do was just stand there, listen to the words of the song and shout, “Sing it again!”

It was soothing my soul, y’all.

I look at my friend and quietly ask, “Can we just worship a little while longer?!”

She simply smiles back, and says, “I know, right?

 This song has been on repeat all day today at my house. I asked my friend to get me the set list that the worship team sang yesterday morning, then turned around and bought the song on iTunes as soon as I could.  I shared it with other friends.

And now, I’m sharing with all of you!

 In my morning devotional  time, I am learning to be still and to be quiet. Don’t sing along. Just close my eyes and stand there with hands lifted up or kneel in my prayer closet.

I am learning in my personal worship time to be still and listen to the words that I am hearing.

I want to encourage you to do the same.

Just once.

And if even only one verse of a song speaks to you, mediate on it. Put the song on repeat and let the Lord heal whatever it is that may need His loving touch in your life.

Try and imagine what they’re singing about in the song.  Truly listen. Truly focus in.

You’ll  be surprised at how it may make you feel. 




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