Please be patient with me… (Thoughts from a brain injury survivor)

**These are few thoughts from my husband. These “thoughts” are realities we  have actually experienced.

When you look at my husband, you really don’t notice anything right at first. This is why a TBI is sometimes referred to as the “Invisible Injury.”

There have been times where I have been upset and hurt  from something that was said or done to him,  and he gently reminds me, “Honey, people don’t know nor do they understand. Some of them DO care and then there are those that couldn’t care less, and that’s ok!”

Some will look at him and see only what they WANT to see, not the reality of what is going on underneath.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for the ones that have stood by our side every step of the way, cheered us on from the sidelines while we go from doctor to doctor, medicine to medicine, and test after test, storm after storm.

 I am thankful for the ones that walked away because by doing so, the Lord was able to bring in others who have gone above and beyond for us.

I am thankful for the ones that look at us and make assumptions from the outside looking in,  without asking any questions, because they are in essence teaching me that not everyone who says they are for you, truly is.

I am thankful for my husband being transparent for this post, and allowing ME to share these intimate thoughts with y’all…**



*Please be patient with me. It takes me longer to process what you are asking me and I have to get my thoughts together and make sure they come out in the right order.

*Please be patient with me. I don’t mean to get frustrated with you. I am just trying to keep up with the conversation.

*Please be patient with me. Don’t tell me that it’s my fault that my family is struggling.

*Please be patient with me. If you ask me how can you help, but then don’t like my answer, please just don’t ask.

*Please be patient with me. You see me one (maybe two) days out of the week for a few hours at a time…you don’t see me once I get home to my safe place and go back to bed because all of the stimulation and loudness wreaks havoc on my brain and eyes at times.

*Please be patient with me. If you are my family, then please take time to get to know the NEW me. I am still ME.

*Please be patient with me. Telling me repeatedly to calm down doesn’t actually help me calm down. Try to remove me from whatever situation is frustrating me or change the subject if we are talking. (I won’t mind!)

*Please be patient with me. I am still learning my physical limitations one day at a time. Some days are better than others…each day is a new day for me!

*Please be patient with me. My constant pain makes me want to stay in bed all day at times because it feels better to lie down and take the pressure off of my body.

*Please be patient with me. If you think I sleep too much, just know that my brain is tired and my body is trying to catch up with maybe some activities I did that took extra mental and physical strength. Don’t wake me up just because  YOU think I should be awake.

*Please be patient with me. Don’t tell me to “stop using my brain injury as an excuse”… I didn’t ask for this.

*Please be patient with me. My wife is doing the best that she knows how with what we have.

*Please be patient with me. If I repeat myself or ask you the same thing over and over it’s because I have difficulty remembering things at times…some days it’s worse because I hurt so bad.

*Please be patient with me. I am trying to be strong for not only myself, but for my wife and kids.

*Please be patient with me. I know I am a child of God and that He can heal me, but He hasn’t chosen to do that yet. Yet, I am still going to praise Him.

*Please be patient with me. If you ask me how can you help and (I tell you through my tears), then know I am truly letting you in to an area of my life that only my wife and I see.

*Please be patient with me. I am still a work in progress, it’s just that now, God has a few more broken pieces to put back together this time.

3 thoughts on “Please be patient with me… (Thoughts from a brain injury survivor)

    1. I receive that huge hug sister!!! Thank you so much….I am so thankful for the Lord and His Word because I don’t know where we would be if we didn’t have HIM!

  1. Thank you for sharing with such transparency. We know first hand how difficult it is to wake up each day depending on the joy of the Lord to truly be your strength, but we rejoice as brothers and sisters in Christ who continue to praise God while we wait on the complete manifestation of healing.

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