The Gift I Wasn’t Supposed To Get

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In our first year of marriage, that particular Christmas is the one where we had no money for a single gift.


So, my husband and I both agree to not get each other anything at all, because it just isn’t  feasible. On Christmas Eve night he nonchalantly says he needs to go get something from the store. I don’t think anything of it, because, and let’s be honest, we all need to get something from Wal-Mart last-minute, am I right?!

I wake up Christmas morning to discover a small package placed under the tree.


Nevertheless, I open it, and in my lap sits a small and simple basket of vanilla scented bath gel, soap, body lotion and a pouf.

Looking back at my husband and he sheepishly says, “I couldn’t  handle the thought of you not having anything to open on Christmas Day.”


This sweet little basket, this gift I wasn’t supposed to get, only cost $2.88.

How do I know this? Well, because he didn’t see that the price tag was on the bottom. Somehow he had found enough change around the house and in his truck to get me something. To me, this little basket represented just how much he loves me and puts my needs/wants above his.

It showed me that he is constantly thinking about me and making sure that I am always taken care of.

I still have this gift.

After over 16 years of marriage, two kids, and countless moves to different towns, that little basket has gone with me. It’s a little dusty now, but is still in the original packaging, unopened. At one point he tried to throw it away and I about came undone.

He tells me ,”Honey, it’s just a cheap basket of bath stuff.”

I reply, “No….this is the best gift EVER.”

Let me pause and say that Christmas isn’t about gifts.

Nor is it about spending ridiculous amounts of money on items that will just be tossed to the side a month later, only to be forgotten or lost in the back of the closet because the next latest and greatest “thing” has been released.

In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter who sends us a card and who doesn’t? 

I will be the first to admit, that as soon as the turkey is put away on Thanksgiving, my tree is coming out of the attic, along with all of my yard inflatables!

However, it is not about trees and lights, or the question of will you get invited to any parties cause you know in reality you just want to stay home, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot chocolate (with peppermint mocha creamer) while wearing your snowman onesie.

Can I get an AMEN?!

It’s about JESUS. The greatest Gift one can ever receive.



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