Obedience Brings Blessings

obedience, blessings

“Obedience brings blessings.”

I have heard and seen this phrase SO MUCH over the past few months. I have it underlined in my Bible where the Lord talks about how obedience brings blessings in Deuteronomy 28.  I’m learning how to obey even in the smallest areas that are seemingly so insignificant to me.

My blog is especially an area of obedience . It’s one that I keep putting off and making excuses for, until a sweet friend texted me out of the blue and asked, “How is that blog coming along?”


So, that night I sat down and didn’t get off of my couch until around midnight.

After several painstaking and exhausting hours, my blog was up and running.

There it is.

My very first post and only two subscribers. (My mom and my friend that kept me accountable.)  I sent it immediately to them, and they then shared it on Facebook.

I saw it and started crying.

No idea why, but I did. Just bawling like a baby. Don’t judge me.

Fast forward to yesterday morning when another one of my sweet friends sent me her devotional for the day. I didn’t read it until THIS morning, and once again, it was the topic of obedience.


Because obedience brings blessings.


I texted my friend back and shared with her my struggles, as well as the start up of my blog, and she sends me the most encouraging words! Let me just say (on a side note) this friend is sending me these words of encouragement WHILE on a pallet on the floor of the ER waiting for her son to be readmitted to the hospital!

Here is what she sent me….I hope someone else finds encouragement from her words as well…

“I am proud of you. You are one of the strongest ladies I know! God has HUGE plans to STILL use you in mighty ways! Do NOT feel like God has put you on a shelf…He has NOT….HE is REDIRECTING!”

I am finding that when I obey the Lord, no matter how big or small it may be, no matter what direction it may be, I find that my faith INCREASES.

My JOY is restored.

My STRENGTH is renewed.

When you LOVE HIM, you OBEY HIM. Period.


Blessings follow obedience.



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