Just Be Still-(Candid Conversations From Me to You)

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Psalm 46:10 is basically my life verse now.

So much, in fact, I now have it tattooed on my left arm because, apparently, I need a VISUAL reminder of this verse! “Be still.”


Here I am, trying to make sense of things that are beyond my understanding (and some of the time out of my control) realizing this is basically pointless.

All it does is cause me to be exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally, etc…and, at times, anxious. Yes, there are countless scriptures that talk about anxiety. BUT… this time those verses don’t  apply to my situation.

Psalm 46:10 does.

Every. Single. Time.

Being still is HARD, ya’ll!! Seriously!! I am not a very patient person.

Each time I try and move in a different direction than what the Lord was leading, He would just remind me, “Be still…”

It seems like a good idea at the time to take matters into our own hands, but eventually it  just causes MORE issues.

Let’s be honest…we tend to find ourselves crying out to God saying, “HELP ME!”.


Why do we always feel the need to be in control? Why can’t I just be still?

Perhaps this is because we don’t want others to see our flaws? Or because we begin to allow other people’s voices and opinions drown out the gentle whisper of the Lord when we get tired, exhausted, worn out and weary?

We don’t want others to know that we really DON’T have it all together? Or maybe that we are trying to shift the focus from what is truly going on in our lives, all the yuck going on under the surface?

Sometimes we just need someone to sit us down, and be real. Look us in the eyes, and be candid. Straightforward.

Sister! No one is expecting you to have it all together. No one is expecting you to have everything figured out 100% of the time. Give yourself some grace!

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself, and BE STILL.



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