About Just A Pastor’s Wife

Life is what we make it!

We can choose to make the best of what we have been given, OR we can wish for a better one and just be miserable all the time.

I’m Stephanie. I married my high school sweetheart at age 21, and soon  after that we became kid’s pastors. At 23 our first child was born and then at 26 the second one came along. Then, after that, we snagged our first youth pastor gig! Score!

SO…fast forward a few years to age 29, and I had what was diagnosed as an “acute stress reaction”. I was in the hospital for 5 days, and life just kept coming. At 34 my husband was in an accident at work and suffered  a Traumatic Brain Injury.

Here’s the deal…

Life can get overwhelming and messy.

And that’s just how it is, friends.

 My hope is that perhaps you find encouragement or strength for something you might be  going through, and maybe even find a laugh in there somewhere while reading my posts.

However…it was never my intention to have a blog, or put myself and my family out there for the whole world to read about.

BUT, the Lord clearly tells us in Isaiah 55:8,  “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways.”

So here I am.

Life is full of successes, mistakes, celebrations, trials, tests, and testimonies, breakdowns and breakthroughs. 

The good, the bad, and even the ugly.

Scriptures that have encouraged and blessed me along my journey and prayers I have prayed when I didn’t know what to do.

And let’s not  forget the journals filled  with pages full of emotion, tear stains, and eraser marks.

Yes, people have come and gone…there are scars that made me stronger and seasons that made me humble and sometimes broken.

But, one thing I am absolutely certain of…everything we have been through...is for a reason, a purpose, and for such a time as this.

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